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Action man!

Podcast Series.


In this podcast, Byron Smith talks with colourful Paynesville character and ideas man, Bernie Ryan.

Bernie is the man who dreamed-up and built Paynesville’s Floating Tin Shed, which is fast becoming a big tourist attraction in the waterside village. Fashioned in the form of a rusty, corrugated iron stockman’s hut, the Shed can often be seen and heard cruising the waterways of Paynesville, Raymond Island, and Newlands Arm with live musicians onboard - playing for the free enjoyment of locals and visitors.

The success of the Floating Tin Shed has also led to the creation of a fundraising team, that in late 2022 successfully raised some $15,000 to stage Paynesville’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks show and live-music performances.

Bernie, who was once a Semi-finalist in the State Government Community Hero Awards, is also renowned for creating and riding what is officially the World’s longest push bike - measuring in at 155 feet 8 inches long!

The design and construction of his unusual home, on the waterfront in Paynesville, was also featured on TVs Grand Designs.

In this engaging podcast interview, Bernie talks about all of these ambitious projects, and opens-up about his early years in Fish Creek, living with Aspergers, quitting booze, upsetting WorkSafe inspectors, blowing up a floating outhouse toilet, and lots more! 


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