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2 SAPPHIRECOAST - SUMMER 2023 The Coast with e ost For a tourist trail that is beyond parallel, the Sapphire Coast has it all. With pristine beaches, rugged mountains, lush green pastures, breathtaking coastline and thriving seaside towns, the NSW Sapphire Coast is a veritable paradise, with countless sightseeing gems awaiting your discovery. In this summer edition of the quarterly Sapphire Coast feature, we start at the southern part of the coast, in the former whaling town of Eden and its surrounding beaches and national parks, before heading north to explore the astonishing beaches, bustling townships and colourful culture of Pambula, Merimbula and Tathra. We then make a detour inland to take-in the picturesque dairy country of the historic Bega Valley, Cobargo and Candelo, before heading back to the coast, to check out beautiful Bermagui and surrounds. We've included maps and details of many of the key attractions – including dining and accommodation options, as well as seasonal events – to help you make the most of your Sapphire Coast adventures. If you need additional advice or resources during your travels, be sure to stop by the Visitor Information Centres, located in most major towns.We have included contact details for these centres on Page 27 of this feature, and on the same page you'll also find a list of Sapphire Coast markets, which are always brimming with local colour, and well worth a visit. We hope you enjoy this summer feature, and we wish you safe and happy travels on your visit to the sparkling Sapphire Coast. Enjoy! Photo this page: An ocean lookout at Tathra. Sapphire Advertising in this seasonal Sapphire Coast feature really works! To find out more, call Christine Julier on (03) 51502345 or email Would you like more people to visit your Sapphire Coast business?

Bournda National Park, near Tathra. Photo: Daniel Tran/DPIE SAPPHIRE COAST - SUMMER 2023 3 Summer always seems to make the wonders of the Sapphire Coast sparkle even more. With a seemingly endless coastline, pristine beaches, ancient forests and colourful towns, if you're planning a getaway "on the Sapphire" this summer, you'll be spoilt for choice. So, before you head to the coast, it pays to plan ahead, and this summer edition of the Sapphire Coast feature is designed to help you do just that. The adjacent map shows the extent of the Sapphire Coast region, which stretches from Bermagui in the north, to Wonboyn in the south, encompassing numerous coastal and inland towns, national parks, forests and nature reserves. There's a lot to take in, so to help you gain an understanding of the Coast's key towns and attractions, here's a quick overview... Pambula and Merimbula The colourful coastal areas of Pambula and Merimbula offer amazing beaches, spectacular hinterlands, fabulous shopping and countless leisure opportunities in close proximity. The towns have plenty to offer, from swimming, surfing, sailing, diving and fishing, to bushwalking, camping, birdwatching and just plain 'getting-away-from-it-all' in the nearby national parks. In Pambula, you can learn about local indigenous history on a cruise along the Pambula River, chill out on pristine beaches, wander country markets, or explore the historical Pambula village, which offers arts, crafts and shopping options. In Merimbula, you can explore the aquarium in the old wharf building and enjoy a variety of local restaurants, cafés and attractions. It's also renowned as a golfer's paradise, with five scenic courses within an hour's drive (including the beautiful Pambula Merimbula Golf Course, featured on Page 9 of this edition). Eden The history of Eden is steeped in the tradition of the sea. It is famed for its abundant supply of fresh seafood. The deep sea port offers bay cruising, fishing charters and diving year round. The story of Eden's whaling heritage is told at the fascinating Eden Killer Whale Museum. Eden is also a launching pad for scenic drives into the Mt Imlay and Beowa National Parks (formerly known as the Ben Boyd National Park). Just beyond Eden is Wonboyn, which is renowned for its fine lake, beach and game-based fishing. Bega and Candelo Best known for its dairy products, Bega is the commercial and business centre of the Sapphire Coast. It is surrounded by lovely, rolling green pasture land. Popular attractions include the Bega Cheese Heritage Centre (featured on page 21 of this issue), and the region's numerous local wineries. Southwest of Bega is Candelo, a charming, historic small town that holds a country market on the first Sunday of every month, full of local produce and country atmosphere. Tathra Set in unspoilt surrounds, Tathra has a wonderful three-kilometre surf beach, adored by surfers and sightseers alike. The Tathra Wharf is a National Trust classified building, a popular fishing spot and also houses an historic Maritime Museum. Dive sites and snorkelling in and around Tathra are spectacular, with striking coral and underwater caves. The coastal lagoons, rugged coastlines and secluded beaches of Bournda and Mimosa Rocks National Parks provide accessible coastal wilderness for exploring. Bermagui Located at the northern end of the Sapphire Coast, Bermagui is a small coastal town surrounded by secluded surf beaches, estuaries, wetlands, coastal lagoons and national parks, but it is probably best known as a launching pad for deep-sea diving and game fishing. It's also a place to enjoy fine fresh seafood. For those who love saltwater swimming, but without waves, Bermagui's ocean-side Blue Pool is also a major drawcard. Cobargo Inland from Bermagui is the historic town of Cobargo, which features a streetscape of glorious old 19th-Century buildings. Here you can stop and marvel at the talents of local craftspeople and artists selling a range of uniquehand-crafted items, from woodcraft and pottery, to leather and artworks. Nearby, set among green pastures, rolling hills and the towering eucalyptus, is Brogo Dam, where you can take a leisurely paddle in a canoe or kayak, or fish for bass. For some extra advice while you're out and about, be sure to stop by the visitor information centres that are dotted throughout the region – and listed on page 27 of this edition. We hope you enjoy your summer travels on the beautiful Sapphire Coast. Summer was made for the Sapphire Coast The sparkling Blue Pool at Bermagui. Bar Beach, Merimbula. Photo: Destination NSW RED POINT TASMAN SEA TASMAN SEA TWOFOLD BAY LENNARDS ISLAND TURA BEACH MOWARRY POINT GREEN CAPE BITTANGABEE BAY SALTWATER BAY WONBOYN BEACH DISASTER BAY THE PINNACLES TURA HEAD BARONDA HEAD PICNIC POINT MURRAH HEAD NELSON BEACH WAJURDA POINT NORTH HEAD TURINGAL HEAD PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY H RD MT DARRAGH RD BACK CREEK RD NETHERCOTE RD PRINCES HWY MYRTLE MOUNTAIN RD CANDELO RD PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY SAPPHIRE COAST RD CANDELO WOLUMLA RD MOGILLA RD BEGA TATHRA RD UNTAINS HWY SNOWY MOUNTAINS HWY PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY TATHRA BERMAGUI R D TATHRA BERMAGUI RD WALLAGA LAKE RD KAMERUKA RD MERIMBULA NORTH BEGA BERMAGUI CANDELO COBARGO WALLAGA LAKE WYNDHAM WOLUMLA TOWAMBA NETHERCOTE BOYDTOWN WONBOYN LAKE MT IMLAY NATIONAL PARK NULLICA STATE FOREST TOWAMBA STATE FOREST EAST BOYD STATE FOREST NADGEE STATE FOREST GNUPA STATE FOREST YURAMMIE STATE FOREST MUMBULLA STATE FOREST MURRAH STATE FOREST MIMOSA ROCKS NATIONAL PARK BIAMANGA STATE FOREST WADBILLIGA NATIONAL PARK BERMAGUI STATE FOREST WANDELLA STATE FOREST BOURNDA NATURE RESERVE EDEN PAMBULA BEOWA NATIONAL PARK BOURNDA NATIONAL PARK Scan here for full detailed maps EDEN PAMBULA MERIMBULA BEGA BERMAGUI EAST GIPPSLAND TO 18kms 25kms 19kms 7 kms 44kms TATHRA TATHRA

4 EDEN - SAPPHIRE COAST - SUMMER 2023 Walk your way to some spectacular scenery There are walks for everyone in and around Eden — from a light stroll along the relatively flat Aslings Beach path, to the more strenuous 30-kilometre-long ‘Light to Light’ walk in Beowa (formerly Ben Boyd) National Park. Here are some of them... Bundian Way Story Trail Eden features the first section of the Bundian Way – a 350-kilometre Aboriginal pathway that extends from the sea at Twofold Bay to Mount Kosciuszko. The two-kilometre Story Trail walk is located between Cocora Beach (via Ida Rodd Drive) and Quarantine Bay, winding around two headlands, with numerous viewing decks affording sweeping coastal views of Twofold Bay and beyond. Eden Heritage Walk The Eden Heritage Walk is an easy, scenic walk through town and around Twofold Bay, on which you’ll discover a lot about the history of Eden. Along the way, you’ll see the work of early pioneers, and learn about the town’s convict past, historic buildings and sites of past tragedy. You’ll also get to take-in the area’s natural beauty. Reflections at Lake Curalo, Eden. A walker enjoying the scenic coastal views from Pulpit Rock, Green Cape, in the Beowa National Park (South). Photo: Destination NSW Green Cape Lighthouse bordering Disaster Bay – the ultimate destination of the ‘Light to Light’ walk in Beowa National Park (South). Photo: Destination NSW Lake Curalo Boardwalk Lake Curalo Boardwalk is an easy, flat walk that meanders around the lake’s shoreline, through swamp melaleuca forest, across salt marsh and over the shallow water. The east end of the boardwalk provides access to Aslings Beach or the Maritime Heritage Walk – where the footpath has been etched with depictions of Eden’s historical links with the sea. Mt Imlay Summit Track Starting at Burrawang picnic area,this challenging walk takes you through dry eucalypt forest and grassy woodlands to the summit of Mount Imlay, with excellent bird-watching opportunities along the way.The track climbs steeply,rising 600 metres, with the summit rewarding your effort with sweeping views to the coast. Beowa National Park (North) In the northern part of Beowa National Park is the Pinnacles loop track, an easy 30-minute walk with two lookouts overlooking spectacular cliffs and beaches. Beowa National Park (South) If you are pretty fit and have a taste for adventure, the southern part of Beowa National Park offers the 30-kilometre-long ‘Light to Light’ walk, which follows the coastline between the historic Boyd’s Tower and Green Cape Lighthouse. The trail features ever-changing scenery, from heathland, forest, tea-tree groves, banksia woodlands and sheltered coves, to towering red rock platforms. There are camping sites along the way at Saltwater and Bittangabee Bay. To find out more For maps, information and advice on walking in and around Eden, visit the Eden Visitor Information Centre on the waterfront in Snug Cove, or visit Scan here for full detailed map NETHERCOTE RD PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY BOYD ST MITCHELL ST MITCHELL ST IMLAY ST ALBERT TERRACE IMLAY ST BARCLAY ST IMLAY ST PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY ASLINGS BEACH RD ASLINGS BEACH RD CALLE CALLE ST CALLE CALLE ST BASS ST COCORA ST CATTLE BAY RD BUNGO ST WEST ST WEST ST WIRRIGA ST PHILLIPS ST IDA RODD DRIVE LAKE CURAIO QUARANTINE BAY WEECOON COVE CALLE CALLE BAY COCORA BEACH CATTLE BAY SNUG COVE YALLUMGO COVE ASLINGS BEACH TWOFOLD BAY NULLICA STATE FOREST BEOWA NATIONAL PARK GEORGE BASS PARK MARTHA KIRBY PARK ROTARY PARK ROTARACT PARK NETHERCOTE TO PAMBULA & MERIMBULA TO EAST GIPPSLAND TO EDEN Welcome to

SAPPHIRECOAST -SUMMER 2023 - EDEN 5 Ancient tales and fascinating trails The southern gateway of the Sapphire Coast begins with the spectacular port of Eden. Eden's history is steeped in the tradition of the local seas, which were previously the domain of whalers, and are now famed for their abundant supply of fresh seafood. The deepsea port offers bay cruising, fishing charters and diving all year round, and fresh mussels can be purchased straight off the boats as they come into port. Visitors too can enjoy the thrill of a good catch as there are many great fishing spots in the local lakes, rivers and on the beaches and – of course – out to sea. All sorts of water sports including swimming, surfing, sailing and diving can be enjoyed in the Eden area, while other sporting activities available include squash, tennis, golf and bowls. Killer Whale tales and trails The Eden Killer Whale Museum is a 'must see' attraction in Eden. The museum has been in operation for almost 80 years and is recognised as one of the most progressive and innovative museums in regional NSW. If you have access to a car or motorbike, it's certainly worth taking the self-drive Killer Whale Trail, an intriguing trip into the past to a time when, sadly, whales were hunted almost to extinction for their oil. The trail includes a must-see stop at Davidson Whaling Station, the longest-operating, shorebased whaling station in Australia and the last of its type to close down. Finding your way A perfect place to start your exploration of this fascinating and scenic region is right on the edge of Eden harbour, where you'll find the relatively new, architecturally-designed information centre and art space – a treasure trove of maps, guides, gifts and friendly staff. Once you're equipped with local knowledge, brochures and maps, you'll be more than ready for your Eden adventures. Whale Dreaming Trail One link to Eden's indigenous past is the Whale Dreaming Trail – an accessible 600m walk through native gardens in Eden, that begins at the bottom of Imlay Street (near the cafés and restaurants of Snug Cove) – and leads to an epic lookout over Turemulerrer (Twofold Bay), the coastal gateway to the Bundian Way. With specially designed signage, you will learn about the ancient relationship between the traditional Aboriginal people, the Katungal, and the beowas (killer whales) that predates European history by thousands of years. After returning from the lookout, you can continue walking up towards the other end of Imlay Street and on to the Eden Killer Whale Museum.The trail is accessible from either end. So much to discover Along with exploring Snug Cove – a sheltered harbour, resplendent with fishing vessels and cruise boats – it's worth taking time to visit Eden's George Bass Park, a lovely scenic spot to relax, with a number of barbecue areas and walkways to help you enjoy a spectacular vista of rugged cliffs and rolling surf. On the Calle Calle Bay side of town, the Maritime Heritage walkway and cycle path takes you all the way to beautiful Aslings Beach. The walkway includes a variety of beachside exercise equipment so you can get even more active...with a view! Eden’s Killer Whale Museum is a ‘must-see’ during your visit. On the edge of Eden harbour you’ll find the Eden Visitor Information Centre and art space – a treasure trove of maps, guides, gifts and friendly staff. Get out on the water for fishing and more Operating from Eden Harbour on the South Coast of NSW, Freedom Charters offers a wide range of charter trips, tours and packages that are sure to make your trip to the Sapphire Coast even more rewarding and enjoyable. Freedom Charters' trips include great-value reef, game and sports fishing, and marine wildlife tours, as well as shared and private charters, and accommodation packages. Christine Cattanach, who has been running Freedom Charters with her partner Mark for more than five years, said every trip aims to provide passengers with a "wonderful experience on the water". "We offer a range of trips to suit everybody, and our friendly, patient and experienced crew is sure to make your day fun and memorable," Christine said. "Nothing is too much trouble, and we can tailor any trip or package to meet the needs and desires of individual passengers and groups of up to 12 people." Abundant fishing opportunities Operating out of Eden Harbour provides the safe and comfortable Freedom Charters' vessel with easy access to the open ocean and the many nearby reefs, which provide an abundance of great fishing opportunities. "Whether you're an experienced hand, or new to fishing, our captain (Mark, a keen and experienced fisherman) and crew members are happy to pass on local fishing tips and knowledge," Christine explained. "They'll provide you with quality equipment, bait and tackle for the trip, and a complimentary morning tea. "Children are welcome, no fishing licence is required, and we'll even scale and clean your fish for you!" Marine wildlife tours Freedom Charters' marine-wildlife tours take in spectacular local marine life, and Christine said that right now is an excellent time to see a variety of fascinating marine life, including seals, dolphins and fairy penguins. Sea eagles are also often seen on these tours, as are some of Eden's most famous historical landmarks, including Boyd's Tower. For more information on Freedom Charters' trips, packages and prices, visit or check out the reviews on Facebook and Tripadvisor. Regular passenger, Alan, on one of his many successful fishing trips with Freedom Charters. • Charter Fishing • Pleasure Cruises • Toilet on board OWNER OPERATED g uises board ER ATED

6 EDEN - SAPPHIRECOAST - SUMMER 2023 (Eden Sports & Recreation Club, formerly known as the Eden Fishermen’s Club and Eden Gardens Country Club), and it is just 650 metres from beautiful Aslings Beach. To book or find out more about Coachman’s Eden, visit the motel’s website at Ancient tales and fascinating trails The architecturally-designed Eden information centre and art space at Snug Cove. Coachman’s Eden is a recently-renovated four-star motel nestled on two acres in the scenic surrounds of Eden. The motel features 26 quiet, clean and well-appointed rooms for all guest types, including couples, corporate travellers and families – providing quality accommodation at an affordable price. All of the modern and stylish rooms are at ground level and have an undercover entrance, opening windows, reverse-cycle air-conditioning, ensuite shower and toilet, and comfy queen or king beds. Each room has a large LED TV, free WiFi, tea and coffee making facilities and a fridge. The motel’s Family Rooms and Two-Bedroom Suite also have a microwave. Facilities at Coachman’s Eden include an inground swimming pool, free on-site parking (with room for coaches, trailers and caravan), barbecue area, outdoor dining and a deck area. Guests also receive a complimentary continental breakfast. The property is located opposite the golf club Street and on to the Eden Killer Whale Museum.The trail is accessible from either end. So much to discover Along with exploring Eden’s Snug Cove – a sheltered harbour, resplendent with fishing vessels and cruise boats – while you’re in Eden, it’s worth taking time to visit Eden’s George Bass Park, a lovely scenic spot to relax, with a number of barbecue areas and walkways to help you enjoy a spectacular vista of rugged cliffs and rolling surf. Finding your way At Snug Cove, you’ll also find the relatively new, architecturally-designed information centre and art space – a treasure trove of maps, guides, gifts and friendly staff, which make it well worth a visit. Eden’s history is steeped in the tradition of the local seas, which were previously the domain of whalers, and are now famed for their abundant supply of fresh seafood. The deepsea port offers bay cruising, fishing charters and diving all year round, and fresh mussels can be purchased straight off the boats as they come into port.Visitors too can enjoy the thrill of a good catch as there are many great fishing spots in the local lakes, rivers and on the beaches and – of course – out to sea. All sorts of water sports including swimming, surfing, sailing and diving can be enjoyed in the Eden area, while other sporting activities available include squash, tennis, golf and bowls. Whale Dreaming Trail Eden has an ancient indigenous history dating many thousands of years. One way to gain an insight into this history is on the Whale Dreaming Trail – an accessible 600-metre walk through native gardens in Eden, that begins at the bottom of Imlay Street and leads to a lookout over Turemulerrer (Twofold Bay), the coastal gateway to the Bundian Way. With specially designed signage, you will learn about the ancient relationship between the traditional First Nations people, the Katungal, and the beowas (killer whales) that predates European history by thousands of years. After returning from the lookout, you can continue walking up towards the other end of Imlay Information boards along Eden’s Whale Dreaming Trail provide insights into the region’s ancient indigenous history. Enjoy a comfortable stay at Coachman’s Located right in the centre of town – close to all of Eden’s great shops, restaurants, cafes and services – Twofold Bay Motor Inn offers light, bright and stylish accommodation with stunning sea views. Having recently undergone a major renovation, the rooms are modern and welcoming – with a wonderfully bright ‘seaside’ feel to help you get quickly into holiday mode. The accommodation options available at Twofold Bay Motor Inn include spacious king, queen, spa and family rooms, as a well as a highly coveted bay-view balcony suite. You can take a leisurely walk along newly upgraded pathways down to Eden’s harbour area, Snug Cove, where you’ll discover delightful sights, and have the opportunity to book a scenic boat cruise out on the bay. This summer Get into holiday mode at Twofold Bay Motor Inn you can get 15% off your accommodation (see ad below left for details). To book your stay at Twofold Bay Motor Inn, or find out more, visit their website at Twofold Bay Motor Inn offers a variety of bright and tastefully-styled rooms. A stunning view across Eden’s beautiful Twofold Bay. #/ . !/).*- ,+. /)-- "/ #/ .$+,$ ,)/ (. "/ #/ ( +/(*/+ ./$.*+)./- /+- */ #/ )../ ( (/ #/ ,!/ (. / , $-*!/" (+./ #/ ,$(- "/ (* / ..* / ,/,* / , ( !/)-- "/ #/ -) -),+./$ ,) . ,$ "/ ////////"+,! + - - ,! -+-)(** $- , // / ,!/ +)..+ / .*/ / ///

SAPPHIRE COAST  SUMMER 2023  EDEN 7 Eden's mountain biking and business communities are rejoicing about the recent opening of the Gravity Eden Mountain Bike Park in Nullica State Forest. A thrilling destination for riders of all skill levels, the park features 58-kilometres of mountain bike trails spanning a 300-metre elevation. Drawcard Rhys Treloar, Tourism Manager at Sapphire Coast Destination Marketing, said his team is "super excited" about the opening of Gravity Eden on the Sapphire Coast. "This world-class mountain-biking park is going to revolutionise the landscape of mountain-bike tourism on the South Coast, and is set to become a huge drawcard for the region," Rhys said. Collaboration The creation of the park is the result of a collaboration between the Eden Mountain Bike Club, Eden Community Access Centre, and the Forestry Corporation of NSW. Eden Mountain Bike Club President, Stan Soroka, said the park recently hosted the national Quad Crown MTB series, to assess the trail conditions, and the trails passed with flying colours. "Riders from all over Australia praised the quality of our trails, which made us really happy," Stan said. 'Exceptional' destination Federal MP for Eden-Monaro, Kristy McBain, said the Gravity Eden park is an "exceptional mountain biking destination, and a vibrant community collaboration". "We look forward to welcoming riders from near and far to experience the beauty and excitement of this new trail network," Kristy said. Key features Standout features of Gravity Eden include: • A significant elevation of 300 metres, promising a gravity-riding experience like no other, traversing a diverse array of terrain, from lush valleys and picturesque creeks, to exposed ridges and rock shelves. • Something for everyone. Gravity Eden offers trails suitable for riders of various skill levels, from technical challenges to smooth pedal-ins along scenic trails. It also includes a dedicated Skills Park, located at the trailhead, featuring a premium asphalt pump track and dirt jump park. To find out more about the Gravity Eden Mountain Bike Park, go to Gravity-fed mountain biking paradise opens in Eden The newly opened Gravity Eden Mountain Bike Park in Nullica State Forest features 58-kilometres of mountain bike trails. Photos: Flow MTB/Gravity Eden

8 PAMBULA - SAPPHIRE COAST - SUMMER 2023 A nature-lovers’ paradise The village of Pambula is nestled between the waters of Pambula and Merimbula Lake, with the name Pambula derived from Yuin Aboriginal word meaning “two waters”. The close proximity of Pambula’s township, estuary, beaches, ocean and lake, make it an ideal holiday location for those who love being near the water. One way to learn about the area’s local indigenous history is to take a river cruise upstream to where Aboriginal history dates back over thousands of years. An historic village Pambula itself has an intimate main street, lined with colonial buildings. The town has a range of shops including galleries and craft outlets. Restaurants and other eateries offer Pamboola Wetlands has some wonderful trails to explore, many featuring information boards that provide fascinating insights into the local flora and fauna. Pambula’s spectacular river entrance. Colourful rocky outcrops at Pambula Beach make it a great spot for exploring. A magnificent sculpture of a wedge-tail eagle at Pamboola Wetlands. enticing snacks and meals, and the town also has two modern motels and a licensed hotel. Many of the town’s buildings also have historical significance. One of the best examples of these beautiful restored buildings is The Grange, located just south of Pambula, which was formerly the mansion of a local sea captain. Pamboola Wetlands One ‘must visit’ location for nature lovers is the Pamboola Wetlands – a remarkable natural environment, located in the heart of Pambula. A stone’s throw from the bull-nosed verandas and tree-lined streets of the township, you’ll find 77 hectares of tended and protected freshwater billabongs, salt marsh and grassy plains brimming with birdlife. According to tourist body, Visit NSW, the wetlands are the focus of a long-running project to protect and restore this important flood plain for education and recreation – and it’s thriving. There is a system of walking and cycling tracks, viewing platforms, tables, seats and information panels. The wetlands include the former Pambula racecourse, and share a southwestern border with Beowa (formerly Ben Boyd) National Park and other important coastal wetlands. Great things to explore Other great things to explore in the Pambula area include riverbank and coastal woodlands on the Pambula River Walking Track in Beowa National Park – a gentle trail along the river bank, providing lovely views across the river to Severs Beach. At Severs Beach, also in Beowa National Park, you can stroll on a boardwalk past 3,500-yearold Aboriginal middens. For a short but beautiful walk in ancient rainforest, head inland to the Goodenia Rainforest in the South East Forest National Park. BALD HILLS RD BULLARA ST PAMBULA BEACH RD PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY ARTHUR KAINE DRIVE ARTHUR KAINE DRIVE QUONDOLA ST Scan here for full detailed map Distance from Melbourne: 573km Distance from Canberra: 245km Population: 1027 approx. Amenities: Bakery, seafood sales, holiday accommodation and crafts PAMBULA Welcome to MERIMBULA TO EDEN TO BEGA TO MERIMBULA LAKE (TOP LAKE) PAMBULA LAKE TASMAN SEA MERIMBULA BAY BROADWATER PAMBULA BEACH BEN BOYD NATIONAL PARK

SAPPHIRECOAST - SUMMER 2023 - PAMBULA 9 A gem of a course on the beautiful Sapphire Coast Set among natural bushland, between two popular Sapphire Coast tourist towns, Pambula Merimbula Golf Club is a high standard, 27-hole championship course, where visitors are always welcome. Located on Arthur Kaine Drive in Merimbula, the well-established and lovingly curated course is relatively flat and easy to walk, making it ideal for golfers of all levels and abilities. And because each of the nine holes has its own individual character, you can play a variety of courses and conditions, lengths and challenges, all at the one location. Challenging and memorable The first nine at Pambula Merimbula is the shortest of the 27, and includes some memorable holes, while the final nine is the longest and considered the most challenging. For instance, the 182-metre 27th hole is a long par 3 that requires a minimum 60-metre tee shot to clear a small lake in front of the tee. A large tree covers the front right-half side of a green that slopes front to back, with a greenside bunker that can't be seen from the tee. With trees and shrubs guarding the left side of hole, scoring a par here is considered an excellent result! A quality golfing experience Depending on the combination of holes played, the course varies from 5780 metres (par 71),to 6214 metres (par 73).The greens are large and subtle, presenting a real test of judgement for line and speed. Fairways are lush and well maintained. This is a quality golfing experience that will bring you back for more. Members and green-fee players can enjoy the excellent practice facilities, including a driving range, practice nets, chipping green and a large practice putting green. Electric carts are available for hire - complete with GPS, rain covers and eskies. Competition golf is available most days, with social golf available every day. The club is now utilising MiClub software, and visitors can book social games and carts online via the club's website (but you'll need to call the course pro shop to book into a competition). Pro shop and lessons The Pambula Merimbula Golf Club pro shop, staffed by long-term professional Glen Warne, is open every day from 7am, and has an extensive range of products for sale. Glen is also available for lessons. Food and refreshments 'The 28th Bar/Coffee Bar' provides members and guests with a welcoming indoor and outdoor alfresco space, with extensive panoramic views of the course and beyond. Here members and visitors can enjoy a cool drink and snack after a round of golf, or you can simply drop-in for a coffee as you walk or cycle between Pambula and Merimbula. Find out more To book a game or find out more about the Club, visit Natural beauty abounds at Pambula Merimbula Golf Course. • Visitors always welcome • Social golf 7 days a week • Easy walk or take an electric cart • Pro shop open from 7am 7 days a week 27 HOLE CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSE Arthur Kaine Dr, Merimbula 2548 Pro Shop – 02 6495 6280 Clubhouse – 02 6495 6154 E: W:

10 PAMBULA - SAPPHIRECOAST - SUMMER 2023 The Wheeler’s takeaway shop offers fresh seafood, delicious fish and chips, deluxe providore items and a range of unique gifts. A visit to the Sapphire Coast would not be complete without experiencing the finest oysters, freshest seafood and fabulous service at Wheeler’s Seafood Restaurant. Nestled within tropical grounds and providing distant views of Merimbula Lake, Wheeler’s has its own oyster farm and restaurant, enabling visitors to follow the oyster journey from lake to plate. With a heritage of growing Sydney rock oysters in Merimbula that stretches back to the 1900s, Wheeler’s has become a local icon. Owner, Jacqui Smith – who spent her childhood on a sheep farm in East Gippsland – now calls Merimbula home, and is delighted to welcome people to her beautiful establishment and offer the best experience possible. In the restaurant, you can enjoy quality oysters with contemporary hot or cold toppings (or perfectly natural for the purist). It also features an exquisite a-la-carté menu, highlighting a range of delicious seafood from the area, including the ever-popular seafood platter. The alfresco Oyster Bar is the perfect location to relax on a sunny day. Here you can sip bubbles, enjoy a dozen of the freshest oysters, and watch the world go by. Those sensitive to gluten will be spoilt for choice, with a range of delicious options spanning the a-la-carté and takeaway menus. The Wheeler’s takeaway shop is open daily, and offers fresh seafood, delicious fish and chips, deluxe providore items and a range of unique gifts. And if it’s coffee you’re after, you’ll find a range of yummy drinks as well as homemade melting moments, cakes and tarts, available all day every day. To find out more, visit A ‘must-visit’ seafood experience on the Sapphire Coast At Wheeler’s, you can sip bubbles, enjoy a dozen of the freshest oysters, and watch the world go by. At Wheeler’s you can enjoy the freshest local seafood and a glass of wine in a tropical garden setting. Your destination for the finest oysters & distinctive Sapphire Coast dining Seafood Restaurant Lunch & Dinner Takeaway Shop & Café 10am - 6pm | 7 days Oyster Bar 12pm til late 162 Arthur Kaine Drive, Pambula (02) 6495 8420 Visit for bookings and details EN9966

SAPPHIRE COAST - SUMMER 2023 - ADVENTURE 11 You can now gain a first-hand insight into the local indigenous culture of the Sapphire Coast, thanks to a new three-hour Aboriginal Cultural Tour on the Pambula River, run by Navigate Expeditions in collaboration with Twofold Aboriginal Corporation. Aboriginal connection Jess Taunton from Navigate Expeditions – a local company known for its eco-conscious and culturally-respectful travel experiences – said the tour has been introduced to help locals and visitors “explore the natural beauty of the river, and delve deep into the Aboriginal connection to this land”. “Guests on the tour will enjoy kayaking along the serene Pambula River, guided by Aboriginal members of the Twofold Aboriginal Corporation, who will share their ancestral stories, cultural knowledge, and traditions,” Jess said. “As paddles gently ripple the waters of the Pambula River, guests will be enlightened about the river’s profound significance in Aboriginal culture, history, and lore. “The tour offers more than just scenic beauty; it’s a journey into the heart of the land’s Indigenous heritage. “Participants will gain an understanding of local wildlife names, gather knowledge about traditional bush foods, and marvel at the pristine surroundings that have held meaning for generations. “Our aim is to bridge the connection between nature’s splendour and the rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture in our region. “It really is an immersive and enriching cultural experience.” All-inclusive Jess said the tour includes all equipment, guides and a “delightful” morning tea that combines the local flavours of lemon myrtle slice, paired with freshly plunged coffee, aromatic tea, refreshing juice, and a selection of fresh fruit. “For those who’ve previously embarked on a kayaking expedition with us, this cultural tour presents an opportunity to revisit the Pambula River and experience its majesty through a fresh, deeply rooted perspective,” Jess explained. A portion of the proceeds from the cultural tour will support the Twofold Aboriginal Corporation’s cultural-preservation initiatives and community projects. New mountain bike tours and hire services Along with its new Aboriginal Cultural Tour, Navigate Expeditions has also introduced mountain bike tours and a mountain bike hire service in Tathra, Merimbula and Eden, starting this summer. Catering to all levels of experience, Navigate Expeditions’ mountain bike tours offer an adventurous way to explore the stunning landscapes and trails of the South Coast. Jess said the business’s bike hire service includes a number of delivery options, which “provides a convenient solution for those looking to embark on self-guided explorations”. “A portion of the proceeds from our mountain bike tours will also be shared with community and cultural organisations,” she said. Sustainable tourism Jess said the Navigate Expeditions team is excited to be combining its commitment to sustainable tourism with these “exciting new offerings”. “The Aboriginal Cultural Tour is close to our heart, and we are equally excited about Tours support the Sapphire’s deep cultural heritage Navigate Expeditions Aboriginal Cultural Tour includes kayaking along the serene Pambula River, guided by members of the Twofold Aboriginal Corporation. Tour participants will gain a first-hand insight into the river’s profound significance in Aboriginal culture, history, and lore. Kayakers during a Navigate Expeditions’ tour on the magnificent Pambula River. Navigate Expeditions has just introduced a number of new mountain bike tours and MTB hire services. bringing new mountain biking experiences to our guests,” Jess said. “It’s all about connecting people with nature and culture in a respectful and engaging way.” FInd out more For more information, bookings, and to experience these new adventures, go to the website or contact Jess on 1300 030 902.

12 MERIMBULA - SAPPHIRE COAST - SUMMER 2023 Get close to nature in marvellous Merimbula Situated on the coast between Tathra and Pambula, Merimbula welcomes many thousands of tourists every year, who all leave with wonderful life-long memories of this very special place. Merimbula's pristine beaches and tidal lakes make it a popular place for enjoying all kinds of water-based activities, from fishing, surfing and kayaking, to wakeboarding and water skiing. Visitors to the region also have the opportunity to enjoy lush forests, quaint country towns, magnificent fresh seafood, entertainment and shopping. The town also offers lots of opportunities for walkers and cyclists, thanks to an array of established trails, waterside boardwalks and jetties. The 3.5-kilometre Merimbula Boardwalk, for example, meanders around the lake shore and through mangrove forests, under eucalyptus canopies and past pristine oyster farms. The boardwalk takes around an hour and a half to complete (at a leisurely walking pace) and is famous for its wonderful sunset views. Beaches and fishing There are many beaches to be enjoyed around Merimbula. Gentle beaches suitable for small children are found around the lake foreshores, while great surfing beaches outside the lake areas offer a variety of waves for board and body surfers. The beach at Short Point is particularly popular with boardriders. Other beaches around Merimbula include Main Surf, Bar and Middle beaches. Some are patrolled during holiday times, and some offer barbecue facilities, change-rooms and toilets. Fishing fans are well catered for with boat hire, ramps and other facilities. One popular fishing spot is the Merimbula wharf, which provides deepsea fishing without the need for a boat. Forests, parks and country towns Just a short drive from the town, you will find the beautiful Bournda National Park, which offers fabulous bushwalking and scenery. Interesting excursions to the hinterland can be made for bush and nature walks through ancient forests in the foothills of the South Coast Range. You will also come across small country towns such as Candelo (famous for its skilled artisans and craft work), Kameruka and Wyndham, each steeped in fascinating pioneer history. Shopping and eating Shopping in Merimbula is a tourist's delight, with a wide variety of specialty shops offering everything from art, crafts, souvenirs and fashion, to footwear, sports gear, lollies, books and jewellery. Likewise, eating out in Merimbula never gets boring, with the township boasting a variety of restaurants, cafés and takeaway food shops, to suit all tastes. Fresh local seafood is, of course, high on the menu! Accomodation and entertainment Accommodation is widely available in unit complexes, motels and caravan parks. There are also cabin developments nearby that provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Australian bush, while remaining close to Merimbula's beaches, lakes and the centre of town. You can choose to stay right on the beach or lake, or book into one of the inviting motels on the higher side of town, which offer fabulous views of Merimbula's scenic beauty. Entertainment abounds in Merimbula, and all ages will find plenty to do here. In town, you will find a fun amusement centre, a twin cinema and other attractions for the kids, but of course the best way to keep them occupied on a sunny day, is on the beaches. Adults are also well catered for with a number of licensed clubs offering entertainment, pokies and great eateries. Other ways to keep busy during your stay include the aquarium, a family leisure farm, winery, and lake, river or sea cruises. Scenic views of Merimbula Bay and Boggy Creek from Bar Beach, Merimbula. Photo: Destination NSW Heading out for a surf at Bar Beach, Merimbula. Photo: Destination NSW The scenic lakeside Merimbula boardwalk. THE BACK LAKE MERIMBULA LAKE (TOP LAKE) MERIMBULA LAKE TASMAN SEA BAR BEACH ARTHUR KAINE DRIVE ARTHUR KAINE DRIVE PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY MERIMBULA DRIVE MERIMBULA DRIVE MARKET ST MAIN ST MAIN ST SAPPHIRE COAST DRIVE BEACH ST LAKE ST LAKE ST PAMBULA TO PAMBULA & EDEN TO TATHRA TO BEGA TO SPENCER PARK MAIN BEACH RECREATION RESERVE BOLLER PARK BERRAMBOOL MIRADOR BOURNDA NATURE RESERVE YURRAMIE STATE FOREST Scan here for full detailed map SHORT POINT LONG POINT MAIN BEACH MIDDLE BEACH MERIMBULA Welcome to

SAPPHIRECOAST - SUMMER 2023 - MERIMBULA 13 Reimagining the great Australian motel The classic Aussie roadside motel from the '60s and '70s is making a renaissance, and Hillcrest Merimbula is one fine example of such a rebirth. In completely renovating the iconic motel, owner, Caspar Tresidder, has been careful to retain the nostalgic charm of countless sun-kissed holidays of yesteryear, while adding layers of 21st Century fun, luxury and sophistication. Deliciously local Recent updates at Hillcrest include a bright new dining room, styled as a modern nod to iconic mid-century Australian hospitality dining, with features such as banquette seating, custom joinery and eye-catching upholstery. Here, friendly, uniformed staff offer fine locally-sourced gourmet goodies as part of a daily continental guest breakfast featuring crusty sourdough, buttery croissants and wholesome muesli (mixed with Tilba yoghurt) all supplied by famed Bermagui bakery, Honorbread. Local Produce In an ongoing commitment to "keeping it hyper-local", owner Caspar is currently talking to numerous other Sapphire Coast food providers, with a view to sourcing, showcasing and serving delights such as renowned cheddar cheese from Bega and ham from Malua Bay. This is all part of Hillcrest's ever-evolving food and beverage offer which, in the near future, is expected to be rolled-out into an allday, oysterbar-style snack and dining concept. Hillcrest's local-supplier focus further extends to the contents of each room's mini-bar, where guests will find crafted beers from Humpback Brewery in nearby Tathra, Capital Brewing Co in the ACT, and Longstocking Brewery in Pambula. Minibar raiders will also unearth some fabulous, local regional wines. Honesty Bar Another fun recent addition at Hillcrest is a guest-focussed 'honesty bar' system, where guests can serve-up their own drinks – from house-batch Negroni with slices of orange, to locally-distilled North of Eden Oyster Shell Gin – to enjoy in their room, by the pool or in other shared areas at the motel. Spectacular rooms…with a view Making the most of its hilltop location overlooking Merimbula, each of the 30 newly updated rooms at Hillcrest takes-in spectacular coastline views. For the full '70s experience, check into a Sunrise Room or Lookout Deluxe Room – picture original wood cabinetry, exposed brick and built-in headboards combined with new spacious and deliciously comfortable king beds, crisp white linens, plush MicroCloud bedding, designer hair and skincare products and organic Mayde Tea. The motel's 16 Exhale Rooms have received a grander overhaul, with light and airy contemporary interiors featuring custom poured-concrete banquettes, crisp white linens, textured throws and native floral arrangements. The white walls are the perfect canvas for the feature art by Melbourne abstract painter Adela Kusur, while floor-toceiling windows and private balconies connect you to the coastline. Sweeping views A new one-bedroom apartment was recently added to the inventory and is the perfect choice for guests wanting more space or wishing to self-cater. The apartment features a fully-equipped kitchen with Smeg appliances and breakfast bar. A gas-lift window opens up to the private balcony, providing sweeping views of Merimbula and the Sapphire Coast. Crown jewel Set amid two hectares of beautifully manicured gardens, the crown jewel is undoubtedly the refurbished pool area and sun deck, complemented by a newly-added gazebo, creative kids play area and a fire pit for toasting marshmallows. Be sure to pack your tennis whites, as the motel has its very own reclaimed tennis court on site, which was unearthed during the renovations and has been fully restored to its former glory. For more information and bookings, visit the Hillcrest website at SPECIAL READER OFFER! As a special offer to readers of this Sapphire Coast feature, just mention this article when booking a stay with Hillcrest by phone/email to receive up to 10% OFF the standard daily room rate. (Offer ends 1st February 2024) Merimbula’s beautifully reimagined Hillcrest Motel combines the essence of sun-kissed Australian holidays of yesteryear, with stylish, modernist sophistication.

14 FISHING - SAPPHIRECOAST - SUMMER 2023 The Sapphire Coast is a fishing paradise The Sapphire Coast is known as a fantastic place for all kinds of fishing, from dangling a baited hook from a pier, or casting a long rod out beyond the breakers, to deep-sea trolling for massive marlin or tuna on the edge of the continental shelf. In this part of the world, famous for its variety of fresh and saltwater fishing opportunities, you’ll also find patient fly-fishers wading in clear streams chasing timid trout (during the season), and enthusiastic boaties plying the lakes and rivers in search of ‘a feed’. Most of the beaches along the coast are popular for fishing, whether it’s from the sand or rocks, while Eden and Merimbula provide some of the nation’s best bay and lake fishing. Following is a quick fishing snapshot of the main locations. It’s always best to check with the locals (especially the friendly and knowledgeable staff at the local fishing shops, or local fishing-charter operators, like Freedom Charters in Eden – see page 5 of this issue) for the current top spots, methods and baits. Oh, and if you’re heading out on a boat, or planning a spot of rock fishing, remember to check the weather and swell conditions first, let someone know before you go – and stay safe. Bermagui Whether you’re looking for game fishing, deep-sea reef fishing, rock, beach or estuary fishing, Bermagui offers lots of variety and plenty of exotic fish. Being just 11 nautical miles (about 20 kilometres) from the continental shelf, Bermagui provides easy access for game fishermen chasing tuna, sharks and marlin. Yellowfin, bluefin and albacore tend to appear over the shelf around mid November each year, closely followed by marlin. Other exotic fish on the game-fishing wish list include broadbill, wahoo, cobia, dolphinfish, short billed swordfish and sailfish. Deepsea fishing off Bermagui is a favourite for those chasing flathead, which can be found at any depth from 10 to 120 metres, and can usually be caught by drifting over the sandy bottom using a line with two or three baits attached – a technique that can also yield gummy shark, gurnard, mackerel and barracouta. Bermagui’s many offshore reefs are known for holding snapper, rubber-lipped morwong, jackass morwong, leatherjackets, various rock cod, wrasse and kingfish. If you’re sticking closer to town, places to try include Bermagui Harbour and Bermagui Point, where common catches include tailor, mullet and luderick, while further up the Bermagui River anglers tend to target bream, whiting and catfish. Beares Beach is perfect for surf fishing when the tailor and salmon are running, and the mouth of the Cuttagee River is a good spot to try on the incoming tide for bream, whiting and Australian salmon. The saltwater Wallaga Lake – just seven kilometres north of Bermagui – is home to dusky flathead, bream, trevally, tailor, salmon and garfish. Eden A popular boating hotspot, with a long fishing heritage, Eden is a well-known fishing port, with direct ocean access and shelter from prevailing winds – making it ideal for all kinds of fishing.Thanks to a very large boat ramp, floating jetty and breakwall at Quarantine Bay, you can be out to sea and fishing on the reefs in very little time at all. Eden also has many lakes and river systems that are renowned as prolific fishing locations, including Wonboyn, Curalo, Broadwater and Yowaka. Beach and/or rock fishing in Twofold Bay (or to its north or south) can quickly put you among the tailor and Australian salmon, and the the water off the rocks here is often deep enough to hook some large, hard-fighting pelagic species. Tathra Tathra offers a wide variety of saltwater fishing environments – including estuary, surf, rock and bluewater – as well as the opportunity to hook freshwater species in local streams and rivers. The large and historic Tathra Wharf is known as one of Australia’s best fishing wharves, giving land-based anglers the opportunity to catch species ranging from flathead, snapper and leatherjacket, to Australian salmon and red rock cod. Kianinny Bay is another popular location, and has a concrete boat ramp (for boats up to seven metres in length), a fish-cleaning station and barbecue facilities. Mogareeka Inlet – at the north end of Tathra Beach – provides access to the calm waters and tidal sand spits of the Bega River Mouth, beach and rock fishing, as well as having a single-lane ramp for launching and retrieving your boat. Merimbula Merimbula offers lots of variety for fisher-people too. Merimbula Lake is well known for its flathead, whiting and trevally. If you don’t have a boat, there are plenty of shorebased locations to try your luck, and you can also hire a tinny and rods – and buy bait – right on the lake. If you’re after some ocean fishing, an artificial offshore reef, located 2.5 kilometres southeast of the Merimbula estuary entrance, in approximately 32 metres of water, is popular with local fishing clubs and well worth a try for a wide range of typical reef species. If you’re up for some beach fishing, it’s well worth trying Middle Beach for mainly salmon and bream, while heading across to Short Point will give you the opportunity to hook some nice flathead. Pambula Beach and the river mouth are also popular spots for hooking hard-fighting Australian salmon. Inland The Bega River holds bream, flathead, luderick, whiting and estuary perch. For freshwater anglers, Brogo Dam (near Bega) is stocked with Australian bass, while the Bemboka River (near Brown Mountain) and Tantawangalo Creek (near Candelo) are popular with anglers chasing the quintessential brown trout. Booking a fishing trip with one of the many experienced Sapphire Coast operators (who usually supply equipment, bait and expert local knowledge) is a fantastic way to get in on the action. Photo: Destination NSW Beach fishing is a popular pastime right along the Sapphire Coast. Photo: Destination NSW The large and historic Tathra Wharf gives fisherpeople access to relatively deep water, and is known for offering some of the best pier fishing in Australia. Photo: Destination NSW Wherever you are, you can always find us at then find our publications ALWAYS ONLINE WIN A HOLIDAY PACKAGE See back page BOOK YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAY NOW + SAPPHIRE EVENTS & ACTIVITIES + LOCATION MAPS Sapphire EN12738