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7 Must-Haves For Any Handyman Looking To Level Up Their Toolbox

7 Must-Haves For Any Handyman Looking To Level Up Their Toolbox

To handle a diverse range of projects around the home or garage, a toolbox filled with equipment of all the correct sizes and attachments ensures you’ll complete any construction or repair job effectively and with minimal headaches or frustration. But what tools should any homegrown or aspiring handyman be adding to their toolbox?

Below, we’ll cover seven essential items your handyman toolbox must include for handling any projects and even repair emergencies with precision and confidence.

 7 must haves for any handyman looking to level up their toolbox

1. Adjustable Wrenches

To work with varying bolt and nut sizes, you’ll want a quality set of adjustable wrenches. While fixed-size wrenches have their place, and you should keep those around for hard-to-reach spots, sometimes only the thumbscrew adjustability will do. These tools are adaptable to plumbing repairs, automotive applications, and even for work on furniture repairs.

Sometimes, you’ll need to tighten a nut or bolt to a specified amount of pressure measured in foot-pounds or Newton metres. That’s where different types of torque wrenches are handy. Torque wrenches are particularly useful for working in automotive contexts, as they can be used to safely adjust the tightening torque of screws, bolts, or nuts. If you’re looking to do any car restoration or even just general auto or motorcycle maintenance work, a set of adjustable wrenches is a vital investment for your toolbox.

2. Cordless Drill

The power drill allows you to create holes and drive screws into plywood, plasterboard, and metal. It’s an essential staple in woodworking, construction, automotive, and household repair. Battery-powered cordless models give you the freedom of movement to reach tight spots and work in areas where electric power outlets aren’t nearby.

With variable speeds and torque settings and endless selections of drill bit attachments for any job, the cordless drill saves you time. It makes your workflow efficient versus using cumbersome handheld screwdrivers. And when you’re working on larger scale projects, tools that maximise your efficiency whilst still ensuring your safety are an absolute must-have. As modern power drills have safety features like LED lighting and safety clips, it’s well worth investing in something new rather than buying your cordless drill secondhand.

3. Portable Work Light

Often, you’ll need to work on a project in dimly lit areas with no exposure to outside light, or you’ll need to complete nighttime repairs on your bike or automobile. A quality work light helps you do this work safely and accurately.

Modern work lights include different mounting options like handhelds/flashlights, tripods, magnets, hangers, and headlamps. Which option you choose depends on your work scenario. You can select cordless battery-powered, fully corded, and even waterproof. For maximum efficiency and brightness, LED work lights are the standard every handyman should rely on to complete the job safely.

4. Multitools

These all-in-one devices give handymen a portable alternative to full-size, dedicated-purpose tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, scissors, and knives. Their brilliance lies in the packaging of many widgets into a single piece. They’re lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket or on a belt holster.

So if you frequently need to access small pliers, saws, bottle opener, or hex tools for minor repairs across different scenarios, Multitools are a must-have item for home improvement DIY’ers, electricians, plumbers, appliance maintenance specialists, and mechanics.

5. Measuring Tools

Handymen need to measure distances accurately when cutting and building projects. To that end, several tools should be in your arsenal, starting with the old-fashioned ruler you had in school. In addition to measuring, it provides a flat surface for tracing straight lines for cutting or painting borders and outlines.

Next is the tape measure, a retractable metal strip ruler on a spool encased in a housing you can mount on your belt.

Finally, for accurate readings over extended distances, use a digital Laser Measure. Use it to measure entire room dimensions, furniture placement, and planning plumbing installations.

6. Stud Finders

For standard home improvement tasks like hanging flatscreen TVs, large framed photos or paintings, and heavy mirrors, a quality Stud Finder is essential for finding the inner wall reinforcement studs and frames to use as the connection point for these projects.

Other applications include hanging shelves, cabinets, and any heavy item that requires secure structural support to reduce the risk of damage or injuries from heavy falling objects.

Different stud finder styles exist, including magnetic and electronic. Some include a digital interface, while others offer audible tones alerting the user to the location of wall studs behind drywall and plywood construction.

7. Tool Bags and Boxes

Handymen with large arsenals of tools need a way to keep everything organised and easily accessible. Use case, protection, security, and transport are key factors determining the storage method.

Bags allow for portability to different locations and come in durable materials, including leather and synthetic composites. Many offer secure covers and protect tools from moisture, dust, and impacts.

Toolboxes are built in a myriad of different designs and mounting options. Many are custom-built from the ground up using wood, plastic composites, aluminium, and steel casing.

They can be integrated into your garage, basement, and pickup truck. Modular toolbox designs offer expandability as the need for storage grows; simply add another section to the foundation as needed.


Using the correct tools at the right time makes all the difference between a completed job and an unfinished mess. The 7 tools listed above are a solid foundation for anyone who needs a toolbox enabling them to complete projects, including home improvements, assembly/disassembly, auto repair, plumbing, woodworking, and electrical repair.

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