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Designing Durable Garden Spaces: Top Tips For Aussie Homeowners

Designing Durable Garden Spaces: Top Tips For Aussie Homeowners

There's nothing more Australian than simply hanging out in your backyard, beer in hand, BBQ frying away, the radio on and surrounded by your close friends and family. The Aussie BBQ is a tradition for public holidays, Christmas celebrations, New Year's events, and more. You can go as far as to say that a hot sausage, some sauce and some fried onions is a source of comfort for virtually all Australians. But enjoying your snag in a beautiful garden space makes any BBQ that much more true blue.

But what if your backyard isn’t entirely ‘event-ready’, to put it delicately? A tired or parched garden space can certainly hinder your being able to enjoy hosting garden parties. And if one thing’s for certain, it’s that Aussie gardens need to be durable, tough and resilient to withstand the wild weather that this glorious country can offer up.

That's why we've prepared this helpful article to help you design a durable garden space. So stick with us as we share our top tips for cultivating a hardy and resilient garden.

designing durable garden spaces
Invest in Colorbond Fencing

A typical sturdy exterior design feature that you're likely to see across most suburban Aussie homes is the good old reliable Colorbond fencing panels. There's a definite reason many Australian homeowners choose this durable, sturdy and hardy steel material for their home's fencing needs. For starters, Colorbond steel is manufactured right here in Australia, so using it for your fencing means you're supporting Australia's local economy and keeping regular Aussies like you in stable employment.

Furthermore, Colorbond is perfectly suitable for enduring Australia's signature harsh climate conditions. Colorbond has a significantly longer lifespan when compared to timber fencing, which can rapidly wear out, rot, and fade in the harsh Australian sun. Winter conditions are also tough on timber fences.

And then there’s rust-proof Colorbond steel. Unlike other metal materials like untreated steel or chain link fencing, Colorbond is also rust- and corrosion-resistant. This is because Colorbond features a patented five-layer design with a rugged steel base that's been covered in a metallic, corrosion-proof coating. The brand even offers a staggering 10-year warranty on its fencing, which is almost unheard of in the fencing industry. That’s how much they believe in their product.

Be Selective in Plant Choice

Some flowers, shrubs and trees are inherently hardier than others and are naturally drought-resistant, having evolved over thousands of years to be able to withstand Australian weather conditions. However, this doesn't mean you are limited to growing cacti and succulents, even though these plants are naturally hardy and don't require much water. They also look great. Do some research online in order to find some drought-resistant or low-water-need plants to grow in your backyard.

For instance, certain Australian native grasses and shrubs are naturally drought-resistant and are excellent choices for a durable garden. Some plants from Mediterranean locations like Italy, Greece and Malta have also adapted to endure long periods without water, such as roses, olives and geraniums.

Some other landscaping tips for a durable garden worth considering include selecting grey or thick-leaved plants, which are naturally water-efficient and can cope with periods of drought. Furthermore, you should buy established plants that are healthy instead of young seedlings that might perish during a hot spell.

Soil Health

Another tip for a durable garden is to invest in healthy soil. You want ideal growing conditions for grass, plants and shrubs. Cool and moist soil is your best method for ensuring a healthy garden. This can be tough to achieve when the weather is hot and dry. A great way to achieve this is with a good layer of mulch. You can get mulch from your local hardware chain store, and you are spoiled for choice here. Local nurseries will also sell it. You can use pea straw, pine bark sugar cane, or even wood chips, all of which function as a protective layer. An added benefit here is that mulch helps stop weeds from growing, so you'll save time down the line that you'd usually spend weeding, which is an annoying job that every gardener hates doing.

Water Early or Late

Your garden will perform best depending on when you water it. For instance, if you water during the peak of a hot day, the water will evaporate before it can penetrate the soil and provide the sustenance your grass and plants need. The best time to water your garden is either first thing in the morning or during the late afternoon or evening. This will allow the soil to thoroughly soak up the water and get it deep into the root structure.

As part of your design approach, you could consider a timed automated sprinkler system that will automatically water your garden at these set times. Drip irrigation systems are also incredibly popular across Australia, namely for being so easy to set up as well as for their low-maintenance design.

Consider A Minimal Vibe

If you live in a part of Australia that’s particularly hot and dry, why not consider using a minimal aesthetic for your garden? The less there is to maintain, the more durable your garden will be. And you’ll find that a lot of drought-tolerant plants (like succulents and other structured, geometric plants) are already well-suited to minimal design schemes.

So in the spirit of creating a minimalist garden, have a go at creating your own rock garden or zen garden – complete with stones and gravel rather than lawn (which requires so much upkeep). You can create a great-looking outdoor space with pebbles, pavers, and a few potted trees or plants. This is the perfect approach for the time-poor homeowner, so you can still enjoy your garden without all the effort.


And there you have it – our top tips for creating a durable garden space that’s primed to not just survive, but also thrive in our harsh Aussie climate. Be sure to follow these tips to ensure that you can enjoy a flourishing garden space that’s built to look beautiful from season to season.

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