Roger honoured with life membership

Roger honoured with life membership

Long standing Bairnsdale SES member, Roger Neal, was recently honoured with a prestigious Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) life membership, one of just 77 VICSES volunteers to be awarded life membership across the state since the award’s introduction in 2014.

Roger joined the VICSES Bairnsdale Unit as a volunteer in December 1991. Since then he has attended many callouts and continues to be a vital and active member today.
His ongoing commitment and dedication to VICSES at unit level over many years formed part of the long list of criteria for such an award to be achieved.

Other criteria included his contribution to making the Bairnsdale unit stronger, more viable and recognised within the local community; his engagement with other emergency service organisations and local government on a regular basis to ensure the professionalism of VICSES and enhanced standing of the VICSES in the community is maintained; his role as a key driver and leader of multiple unit initiatives or challenges that supported the SES goals and direction and enhanced the VICSES standing in the local community; his involvement with at least two state-wide or region-wide projects or working groups within VICSES; his commitment without seeking personal reward; and as an individual his high level of recognition from within VICSES.
Roger is highly regarded within the local unit.

“Roger Neal’s continuous dedication is nothing short of admirable, and although he does not seek personal reward, he is most definitely deserving,” Bairnsdale unit controller, Karina Osgood, said.

Family and friends joined many past and present members of the Bairnsdale SES unit for the informal celebration to congratulate Roger.

VICSES acting regional manager for East Region, Russell Wilmott, presented Roger with his VICSES life membership.

Roger was also awarded the long service clasp for 25 years of service earlier this year.