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Election Candidates 2020: Peter Neal

Peter Neal was born and bred in East Gippsland. He is a previous East Gippsland Shire councillor having served on the Council for eight years from 2008-2016, including one year as Mayor. Mr Neal is keen to win a seat on the 2020 Council because he believes more power needs to be given back to councillors and the people they represent. Married with three adult children, Mr Neal and his wife,...

Election Candidates 2020: John White

East Gippsland Shire’s outgoing mayor, John White, is vying for another term in the council chambers.Mr White, who was installed as mayor last year has led the nine-member council team through challenging times with drought, bushfires and COVID-19.Mr White says he is seeking another term on council to complete unfinished business.A resident of East Gippsland for most of his life, Mr White is a...

Election Candidates 2020: George Neophytou

George Neophytou has lived in East Gippsland for more than five years after relocating from Melbourne.A lawyer, Mr Neophytou is hoping to gain a seat on Council because he is concerned about the protracted processes in the planning department at the East Gippsland Shire.Mr Neophytou says he would like to work with the administration to improve those processes and eliminate the red tape...

Election Candidates 2020: Kim Dutton

Kim Dutton has lived in Paynesville for almost seven years.Ms Dutton is a lover of people and animals and wants the best for everyone.She says we need to live by the core values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence.If elected to Council, Ms Dutton says she will make decisions based on the impact to people, animals and the environment.

Election Candidates 2020: Arthur Allen

Lakes Entrance resident, Arthur Allen, is hoping to secure a seat at the table of the new Council in the forthcoming East Gippsland Shire elections.Mr Allen has a 'can do’ attitude and says he wants to eliminate the red tape at the shire to ensure projects are fast tracked. With 40 years experience in primary industry, he is adept at developing ideas and solving problems in the community.Mr...

Election Candidates 2020: Ray Barling

Ray Barling might be in his eighth decade but he still possesses an energy and vitality of someone half his age.Mr Barling lives in Lakes Entrance and is keen to make a difference to the East Gippsland community, which is why he is vying for a seat on the new 2020 Council.With a strong knowledge of the entire region, Mr Barling has played an active role in business, sport and tourism.

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