COVID cases

COVID cases

Bairnsdale Primary School (754) was on Wednesday notified of a positive COVID-19 case being on site.

The infected person was at the school last Thursday and Friday, October 7 and 8, the school this Wednesday notifying staff and students, and other close contacts, of the news.

The school has since been closed to undertake a deep clean. Anyone deemed a close contact would be contacted by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The school had not been listed as an exposure site as Tier 1 exposure sites may not be listed if all contacts are tracked down - if everyone there was identified and contacted quickly.

The Gippsland Region Public Health Unit said “In any situation when we are confident that we've reached everyone through our partners, then we won't need to publish it.”

“Listing dozens of exposure sites with very low risk of transmission can cause confusion, panic and unnecessary alarm. We are focussing the public's attention on those where we believe there's a true risk.

“Tier 1 sites of concern, where not everyone has been accounted for quickly, will be listed. This is a form of public health announcement where the community is asked to act – isolate, get tested, follow advice from the Department of Health.”

As of today (Friday) there are currently two active COVID-19 case in East Gippsland with no public exposure sites at this stage.

Positive viral fragments are also being detected in the local wastewater in Lakes Entrance, Lake Tyers and Mallacoota.

Those experiencing any symptoms (however minor) should also get tested.