Containers fill the yard

Containers fill the yard

Fenning Timbers have allowed Bairnsdale Sunrise Rotary to use their timber yard as a holding point for shipping containers they are receiving by way of donations from leading Australian businessman and philanthropist, Twiggy Forest.

Mr Forrest has led the way for the delivery of containers into East Gippsland for  bushfire-affected residents.

The local Rotary Fire Aid committee has been encouraged by the generosity of Mr Forrest and the ability of his company to deliver what many bushfire affected people  in the region have asked for.

The Rotary Fire Aid committee has so far seen more than $1 million go through its local accounts to assist local people in need after fires ripped through the region on New Year’s Eve.

The money from the appeal that started in January has come from the general public, Rotary Clubs across Australia and around the world.

Outgoing president of Sunrise Rotary and chair of the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid, Pearl Findlay-James, saluted the magnificent work of local fire aid committee member, John Fallon, who had seen around 175 fire-affected East Gippslanders since January.

Last week at the club’s fortnightly meeting the committee moved to allocate another$50,000 to fund more containers to be delivered free to fire-affected citizens of East Gippsland.

The local committee is still 60 containers short on its orders for people who have asked for them, but they are confident that the wider circles of Rotary will assist to fill the shortfall.

IMAGE: Brian Donchi and Leonard Fenning, of Fenning Timbers, and Sunrise Rotary Club members Pearl Findlay-James, John Fallon, Rex Estoppy and Robyn Counihan, celebrating shipping containers arriving in town to support bushfire-affected people and families. K341-429