Venison variety

Venison variety

Dargo Landcare Group is hosting a venison workshop on Saturday, August 24, at the Dargo Hotel, with a full day of activities and demonstrations.

The day starts at 8am with registrations before presentations, which start at 9am, kick off from local farmer, butcher and deer hunter, Damien Ellis, on how to field dress a deer, make sausages and much more Bill Barry will lead a taxidermy demonstration with the Cervi Crew on hand to inform participants on how to make smallgoods, including salami and stras, as well as schnitzels, burgers and more.

There will also be displays by the Australian Deer Association, Game Management and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

A raffle and a lucky door prize will also be up for grabs with plenty of excellent prizes, including a rifle, double swag and chainsaw. Raffles will be drawn at 6pm.

A venison lunch of sausages, hamburgers and schnitzels is included in the small attendance fee, as is the roast venison roll dinner, with Dargo Landcare Group president, Trish Borondy, assuring that the meal is sure to please.

“Last year we had a venison roast and that was really well received and this year we are making some venison burgers, sausages and schnitzels, as well as some entertainment (provided by Shane Marshall),” she said.

“We do have massive problems with deer numbers, which have continued to grow over the past couple of years. It is a public relations event.

“We want people to be more respectful of private property. We have young 18 to 25 year olds jumping in their car and thinking it is the last frontier.

“We also get to showcase that more can be done with venison than just sausages.”

Since starting the event in 2016 Trish has been pleased to see it grow into a major event in Dargo and plans for an even bigger workshop this year.

“Anyone is welcome to come along and have a look and 140 people have already confirmed that they will be attending, which is not including my small army of volunteers,” she said.

“Last year we had about 200 people attend and in the first year it was a private event with about 35 people in attendance. I am expecting about 300 people this year.”

IMAGE: The demonstration with butcher Damien Ellis was extremely popular at last year’s Dargo Landcare Group venison workshop. Damien will again be showcasing his butcher skills and making sausages, burgers, smallgoods and more at this year’s event on Saturday, August 24. K1145-21 (2018)