Opening sale steers on par

Opening sale steers on par

Despite tough seasonal conditions, Bill Wyndham & Co Livestock and its supporting vendors yarded 1950 cattle at their annual opening spring sale in Bairnsdale last Tuesday, August 7.

The cattle presented in reasonable quality, however most were 50-80 kilograms lighter than previous years due to the season.

Demand came from Tasmania, King Island, South Gippsland and limited demand from feedlotters.

Topping the market were two pens of steers making $1440/head from P,J&L Sykes (Gelan- tipy) and C&J Cooper ( Wulgulmerang), and were unchanged on recent sales.

The 60 TeMania and Dunoon blood Angus steers a/c J Froehllich & AL Pota, Towamba, topped at $1210.

The Hurley family sold 154 Angus steers across a varied weight range, with the best cracking the $1000 mark. Most of the lighter steers across the yarding sold between $450 and $650.

Of the heifers, P&K Geehman, Ensay, topped the sale with 18 16-month-old Hereford heifers selling to $990, while 16 Hereford heifers out of Karoonda Park (Sykes) sold to strong breeder competition for $710.

Twenty Angus heifers (to Leawood Angus bulls) sold to $1025, Hereford heifers and calves to $1160, and mixed breed cows with Charolais calves from to $1040.


C&J Cooper, Wulgulmerang, rising two-year Hereford steers, $1440.
Lee Frew, Meerlieu, 18-20-month-old red Angus cross steers, $1190.
W McInnes, Nicholson, 18-20-month-old Angus cross steers, $1295.
P&G Wermke, Tostaree, 18-20-month-old
Angus cross steers, $1205.
J Stewart, Johnsonville, 12-month-old
Angus steers, $1280.
J Froehlich & AL Pota, Towamba, 12-month-
old Angus steers, $1210; 12-month Angus heifers, $900.
G&F Andrews, Nicholson, 12-month-old Angus steers, $980.
WG & PM Connley, Benambra, 12-month-old Hereford steers, $980.
Hurley Family Angus, Dargo, 12-month-old Angus steers, $1000.
KP Hurley, Woodglen, 12-month-old Angus steers, $810.
HB Taylor, Paynesville, 14-month-old Charo- lais steers, $1220.
P&K Geehman, Ensay, 15-16-month-old Hereford heifers, $990.
R Bird, Bengworden, 15-16-month-old Here- ford heifers, $910.

PICTURED: Chris and Mary Wheeler, of Buchan South, sold 40 13-14- month-old steers at the Bill Wyndham & Co Annual Opening Spring Store Sale at the East Gippsland Regional Livestock Exchange, Bairnsdale, on Tuesday, August 7.