Hotel seminar

Hotel seminar

Paddy O’Sullivan, chief executive officer of Australian Hotels Association (AHA) (Victorian division), coordinated a marketing and industry training seminar at the Paynesville Hotel on Tuesday.

Sixty independent publicans from all over the state attended the day to listen to speakers covering topics from market trends, workforce planning, future planning, staff welfare, the perfect pour presentation, and a special presentation by Carlton and United Breweries – maximising profits, 20 steps to draught success.

Paynesville Hotel staff member, Rhiana Airs, won the perfect pour for the day and is now eligible for the state final of the competition.

Hosts for the statewide eastern region event were Simon and Elise Kiss, of the Paynesville Hotel. They have been at the pub for the last three years and have given the hotel a new inside look.

The local couple, who come from the Maffra area, previously worked in the oil industry until they decided to run a hotel. Simon was a maintenance fitter and Elise a field chemist.

Elise said these AHA days were always interesting, informative and educational, especially when other publicans took the stand to explain their experiences at different hotels in different locations.

“Learning from our peers in the industry is always very interesting for us,” Elise said.

Mr O’Sullivan said the regional outreach program run by the AHA was very well attended and the range of speakers made the day a success.

Of the 1400 hotels in Victoria, roughly 1100 are members of AHA’s Victorian branch according to Mr O’Sullivan.

PICTURED: Australian Hotels Association chief executive officer, Paddy O’Sullivan, with Elise and Simon Kiss, proprietors of the Paynesville Hotel.