Fire Action Week 2020

Are we ready? If ever there was a stark reminder of the need to be prepared for bushfire, it was last summer. This Saturday, November 21, marks the anniversary of the lightning strikes in State Forest near Bruthen that began the summer of destruction of 2019/20. As East Gippsland faces its first fire season since that devastation, local fire brigade captains are again warning against complacency, particularly with this week’s hot and windy conditions. Captains are also calling for more freedom to burn and expressing frustration at the public’s lack of regard for safety, as well as the bureaucracy faced by on-the-ground CFA brigades when it comes to gaining permission to burn. Despite the massive burn last season, and good rainfall in late spring, they are also warning the bush is dry and while green grass now is a good thing, once it dries off it will be a problem in the event of fire, as grassfires travel even faster than bushfires. For some people, the anxiety caused by the bushfires still bubbles just below the surface, the smell of smoke enough to induce fear. Having a plan in the event of a bushfire, and being ready to enact it is incredibly important, with the realities of staying to defend a property taking a large emotional toll on the people who did so last season. 2020 FIRE ACTION WEEK The view from the Sandhill of the approaching fire on December 30, 2019 East Gippsland W ater M514186 For more information call or visit us at Do not rely solely on mains water during a major fire event.