Covid Restrictions

Reasons to leave your home

  • Stay at home except for four reasons: necessary goods or services; medical care or compassionate reasons; exercise, work and education if necessary.
  • Exemptions include visiting a person with whom you are in an intimate personal relationship, including inside metropolitan Melbourne.

Cannot enter metropolitan Melbourne for exercise of recreation.

Gatherings of people

  • Private: no visitors.
  • Public: up to 2 people or household members only.


  • Remote learning state-wide, including year 11 and 12s, except for vulnerable children and children of permitted workers (from Wednesday August 5).
  • Specialist schools remain open for all children.
  • Childcare and kinder remain open for all children.

Sporting activities

  • Community sport: closed.
  • Indoor sport and recreation: closed.
  • Swimming pools: closed.
  • Playcentres and playgrounds: closed.
  • Outdoor sport: only allowed to exercise, or activities such as fishing, golf, boating, tennis, surfing with one other person or household member, provided 1.5 metre distance can be maintained.
  • Outdoor sporting facilities: closed, except for facilities where public gathering and physical distancing limits can be adhered to and there is no use of shared equipment or communal facilities (e.g. tennis courts, golf courses).

Shopping, retail and personal services

  • Restaurants and cafés: take away and delivery only.
  • Pubs, bars, clubs, nightclubs: closed, bottle shop and take away only.
  • Food courts: closed.
  • Market stalls: stalls can open for provision of take away food and drink only.
  • Markets and shopping centres: open, subject to density quotient, but people can visit for necessary goods and services.
  • Other retail: open, subject to density quotient, but people can only visit for necessary goods and services.
  • Beauty and personal care services: closed, apart from hair dressers.
  • Saunas and bathhouses: closed.
  • Auction houses: operate remotely.
  • Real estate auctions and inspections: operate remotely, and inspections by appointment.


  • Libraries and community venues: only to host an essential public support service, or a wedding or funeral.
  • Galleries, museums, zoos: closed.
  • Outdoor amusement parks and arcades: closed.
  • Indoor and drive-in cinemas: closed.
  • Concert venues, theatres, auditoriums: closed.
  • Arenas and stadiums: closed
  • Casinos and gaming: closed.
  • Brothels, strip clubs and sex on premise venues: closed


  • Religious ceremonies and private worship: broadcast only.
  • Weddings: up to 5 people (couple, two witnesses and celebrant).
  • Funerals: up to 10 people, plus those conducting the funeral.

Attending a funeral is a permitted reason to leave home and reason to enter metropolitan Melbourne.


  • Travel within regional Victoria: allowed for work, education (if necessary), necessary good and services and care/compassionate purposes only.
  • Holiday accommodation and camping: closed except for residents, emergency accommodation, or work purposes.
  • Second place of residence - You cannot visit second place of residence with limited exceptions )e.g. emergency or maintenance, shared custody, to stay with intimate partner who does not live with you.
Covid Restrictions